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Lunch: The Documentary of Great Comedy Minds By Donna Kanter

Lunch: The Documentary of Great Comedy Minds

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed getting to know the great comedy minds in the entertainment business. It has been a pleasure listening to the great stories of some of the men and women who created many of the great films, radio and television shows.

I’ve learned much at the hands of masters from tv comedy writer/ producers Rocky Kalish(and his trail-blazing wife Irma Kalish), Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Ed Bernds, Jerry Lewis, Bernie Orenstein & Saul Turtletaub, Larry Gelbart, Garry Marshall and other masters of their craft.

For several years- thanks to my friend Rocky Kalish- I was invited to the wonderfully eclectic lunches of many of the great AK ( Alta- kacker in Yiddish) minds of comedy when I visited Los Angeles. Held at restaurants such as The Valley Inn in Sherman Oaks or Factors Deli, they were a round table of these fabulous wits. Mostly Jewish, mostly over the age of 70 and mostly brilliant- I sat as a fly on the wall and heard some of the great show business stories.




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